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Hot Chef FINAL: Phillip Lopez vs. Justin Ferguson

HOTTESTCHEF_FIRE_187.jpgSo after weeks of voting, we've finally whittled it down from 24 nominees to just 2 finalists for the title of the Hottest Chef in New Orleans. Our two finalists come from two of the newer restaurants in town: Winning Monday's semifinals was Phillip Lopez, chef and co-owner of Root, which opened in November in the old Feast Space on Julia. Then, winning Tuesday's semifinal was Justin Ferguson, executive chef at Superior Seafood, which opened just last month at the corner of St Charles and Napoleon. What's more, both finalists won their semifinals by narrowly edging out a chef from the Besh Restaurant Group, with Lopez beating Borgne's Brian Landry by less than 160 votes and Ferguson beating August's Michael "Hot Mike" Gulotta by only 80 votes.

Today, these two man-chefs will face off to see who gets to say that they are officially the hottest, most attractive, most scintillating chef in town. The stakes are high, so as always this poll will be monitored for improprieties and shenanigans. It will be open for 24 hours, so get thee to the poll and vote!

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