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City Diner Going Fast Food, With Booze

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Russ Lane from has the scoop on a new venture from City Diner, the 24 hour greasy spoon with locations in Metairie and Harahan. (In addition to simply being a good option if you're hungry at 3 in the morning, City Diner is also notable for the pancake that, when you get it to go, barely fits inside a pizza box.) The new concept will be called City Diner Express, a fast food version of their regular diner concept, with a drive through. Making it more awesome is the Express' extra little wrinkle?namely, drive through booze, similar to what anyone can get from a drive through daiquiri stand but with more variety.

“The concept is you’re going to pull through the drive through, and order a value meal, except here you’re going to get a Crown and Coke with it,” said City Diner owner Jason White. “I couldn’t believe no one’s done it yet.”

After checking Louisiana alcohol law, the Express concept will follow rules similar to the area’s daiquiri shops. To accommodate these laws in a drive-thru setting, White said he is working with Giacona Container Corporation to develop a specialty sealed container.

Yes, this is happening. The first location should open on Airline Drive in Metairie, while Lane reports that a second one will come later near the uptown universities. Which doesn't sound dangerous at all.

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[Photo: City Diner]

City Diner Express

7801 Airline Drive, Metairie, LA