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Hot Chefs Round 1, Day 8: Bajeux, Kopfler, Ferguson

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HOTTESTCHEF_FIRE_187.jpgAnd here we are now, with the final day of the first round of Eater's Hottest Chef Competition, trying to find out who will join our other 7 winners from this high stakes single elimination round. The semi-finals begin Monday.

Competing in this last heat are the gentlemen you see pictured above. From left to right, they are: the silver fox Rene Bajeux of the Rib Room, the classically-trained eclectic Matthew Kopfler of PPX and the new boy Justin Ferguson of the recently opened Superior Seafood. As always, this poll will be monitored for any kind of fishiness, so let's make it a clean fight. Because of the weekend, this poll will open until Monday morning.

Poll results

Rib Room

621 Saint Louis Street, , LA 70130 (504) 529-7045 Visit Website

Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar

4338 Saint Charles Avenue, , LA 70115 (504) 293-3474 Visit Website