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Anderson's Po' Boy Adventures

short%20stop.jpgAs part of his mission to find the best roast beef po' boy in town, Times-Pic restaurant critic Brett Anderson headed out to Metry to try the one at Short Stop. The thing was messy, and while that's not Anderson's preferred style, he was at least pretty diplomatic about it: "The fall-apart sandwich is a lot to handle, but if you believe Messiness is Next to Godliness – a maxim messy-roast-beef po-boy fans are free to use on T-shirts and hats – Short Stop’s roast beef po-boy also gives you a lot to love. It just doesn’t happen to be the style of roast beef po-boy that I prefer." [TP]

Russell's Short Stop Po-Boys

119 Transcontinental Drive, Metairie, Louisiana 70001 504-885-4572

Short Stop Po' Boys

119 Transcontinental Ave., Metairie, LA