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Wait, Galatoire's Is Actually Tapas?

After writing a dissertation-length musing about the interplay of Spanish and French culinary traditions within the hallowed dining room of Galatoire's, Blackened Out blogger Rene Louapre IV, the man who was once gloriously drunk on some peculiarly strong Treme haterade, has decided that the old Bourbon Street food museum is totally worth it, especially if you like tapas.

Galatoire's is tapas. In the same way it took a Russian composer (Prokofiev) to translate the story of an Englishman (Shakespeare) about Italian lovers (Romeo and Juliet) into music, so it took a Frenchmen in New Orleans to fully execute the genius of Spanish tapas in America. And he accomplished this 112 years ago.

That's right, beguiled New Orleans diners?Galatoire's has been tricking you into eating and, more importantly, enjoying tapas for years! Can you taste the bittersweet flavor notes of betrayal?

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Interior at a Galatoire's. [Photo: Facebook]


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209 Bourbon Street New Orleans, LA 70130