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Reveillon Menus Are Getting All Contemporary on Us

Reveillon at Arnaud's.
Reveillon at Arnaud's.

The holidays are nigh upon us, like a cyclical zombie apocalypse with inappropriately drunk and engorged relatives in place of flesh-eating legions of undead. In the spirit of gathering together for eating and drinking, then, you'll be happy to learn that reveillon menus all over the city have become more innovative this year, thanks in large part to French Quarter Festivals Inc., which according to manager Georgia Rhody, encouraged chefs all over the city to infuse their traditional, multi-course, prix fixe meals with some more contemporary cuisine.

In addition to winter-fortifying mainstays such as lamb and duck-dominated entrees, restaurants like the Palace Cafe, Martinique Bistro, and The Pelican Club will include intriguing new items like foie gras beignets, oysters and tasso tourtiere, and lobster, scallops, and shrimp with pork belly. It all sounds like great pre-hibernation food. More reveillon menus can be found at Commander's Palace, Criollo's, Broussard's, and many, many more. There will also be some fancy cooking demonstrations in the French Market, if you want to watch someone masterfully prepare a dish you will no doubt botch sometime between now and Christmas Eve.

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