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LRA President & CEO Stan Harris Weighs In on Louisiana's Kick-Ass Restaurant Industry

As part of its diligent chronicling of Louisiana's culinary exploits, the Gambit conducted a thoughtful little Q&A with Louisiana Restaurant Association top banana Stan Harris, who offered some insight into just why it is that the state's restaurant industry is, like, waaay better than everyone else's restaurant industry:

Look at the talent base you have here in the kitchens, and look at our purveyors. You have quality here you don't see everywhere else. I took a friend from Tennessee to Parkway (Bakery and Tavern) for po-boys and he was amazed. He said, "A place like this would do great in Tennessee." No it wouldn't. The frying would be too greasy, they wouldn't get the gravy right and they don't have the bread. We take it for granted sometimes, but you can't just make up what we have here.

Jeez, Stan?tell Tennessee how you really feel.

· Q&A with Stan Harris [Gambit]

Stan Harris, pensive. [Photo: Louisiana Seafood News]