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Hotel Modern Plans for New Restaurant, Tivoli & Lee

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The former Tamarind space in the Hotel Modern, which is now a farm-to-table themed pop up Why Not, will become a full fledged restaurant again this spring. According to Susan Langenhennig, James Stuart, the creative director of the Hotel Modern is partnering with chef Mike Nirenberg, formerly of Oak, Patois and The Delachaise, to open a full time farm-to-table bistro Tivoli & Lee, hopefully by Mardi Gras.

The restaurant's name is a nod to Lee Circle, which was known as Tivoli Circle before the 1880s, when ye ole bronze General monument was erected in true ain't that America fashion, replacing the Tivoli Carousel. The 70-seat restaurant will also pay homage to the circle's history via its decor, with Flavor Paper adorning the walls, featuring local icons riding carousel horses. The dining room is getting a hipster-upgrade from design consultant Blake Haney, founder of Dirty Coast and Canary Collective, with the plans aiming for a retro look and what Langenhennig describes as a "contemporary cool factor."

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The Hotel Modern [Photo: Facebook]