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Salu's Mayan Menu, Chef Tran's Benefit, Eek... Bugs

IRISH CHANNEL? Salu is having an End of Days themed menu on Friday, December 21, in honor of the Mayan calender...expect lots of Mexican specialties from new chef Dustin Brien. [EaterWire]

CBD? Tonight is Chef Quan Tran's Benefit at Le Foret restaurant at 6p.m. Lots of great chefs, bartenders, entertainment, and a silent auction. Call (504) 553-6738 to reserve tickets ($125/seat). [EaterWire]

EVERYWHERE? Joe Martin, Terminix employee, tells the Times-Pic that people shouldn't write off a restaurant if they find a bug in their food: "There will always be an isolated incident, but the restaurant didn't do it on purpose. It only takes one to get on the plate, and just because there's one doesn't mean there's a million in the kitchen." []

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