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Rene Louapre's Best Reviews of 2012, With Mr. Bingle

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Blackened Out's Rene Louapre IV, who spent the last year reviewing New Orleans' iconic restaurants and also inciting Anthony Bourdain's questionable Gawker smack down about Treme, is leaving many a fan with a serious case of the sads. Why? While he'll still write about home cooking for Blackened Out, as well as do interviews and such, he is stepping down as a reviewer as of 2013, saying he's now too chummy with certain chefs to offer unbiased reviews.

To cheer you guys up, Eater offers ten of Rene's best one-liners from 2012, as told by New Orleans' favorite celeb of the season Mr. Bingle. Two of the restaurant's are revealed, and one quote is from the Treme rant, but can you guess the remaining restaurants in these one-liners?

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