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McNulty Greases the Rails at Shortall's BBQ This Week

Photo: Nikki Mayeux

Ian McNulty wards off his potential hangover at the pop-up 'incubator' 12 Mile Limit this week, praising the 'unorthodox' barbecue and divine sides prepared by former Coquette sous chef Chris Shortall. 12 Mile Limit owner Cole Newton was formerly the bartender at Coquette, but it was Shortall's father Tom who originally ran the barbecue pop up in the Mid City cocktail den before Chris took over and 'things started getting interesting'.

While the barbecue remains an obvious draw for 12 Mile Limit's young and boozy patrons, it's Shortall's 'curatorial hand'? ie. the ability to elevate tator tots? that makes Shortall's BBQ worth the trip. "Topping tater tots like they're nachos isn't new," McNulty says, "but Shortall's BBQ treats its ever-changing tots platter like a salad bar, a barbecue buffet and a Jackson Pollock canvas all at once."

Check out this 'loaded tator tots' gut buster:

After working through fried Brussels sprouts, green beans and broccoli one night recently... we discovered the artichoke hearts and, below that, a rich seam of macaroni and cheese. Sliced tomatoes ringed the edge like crust, and interspersed was a whole chicken leg, brisket and pulled pork.

McNulty also praises Shortall for seeming game to try any experimental or challenging approach to bar food including cornish hen and a salad of "concentric rings of cucumber, tomato and avocado scattered with queso fresco." 12 Mile Limit is non-smoking Saturday-Mondays, and their kitchen is also home to a brunch, pizza, and doberge cake pop-up, making this cocktail bar a dining destination for hangover food gone wild.

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Twelve Mile Limit

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