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Scallop Listicle; Blackened Out Reprograms for 2013

RIVERBEND & OAK STREET? The list makers at the Gambit offer 'Five Scallop Selections' this week, including a seared version from Dante's Kitchen with smoked peach puree and basil oil and Chiba's live scallops at the sushi bar. Check out the full list here. [Gambit]

FAT CITY? The Times-Pic reports that Richard Chen has obtained a building permit to convert a former Circle K into a hibachi grill. Along with Korea House, an upcoming upscale Japanese restaurant, this would be the third east Asian restaurant for Fat City within in a two-block stretch. []

EVERYWHERE? Say it ain't so. Blackened Out's Rene Louapre IV just notified the cybeworld that he will no longer write his 'reactionary' (and usually hilarious) restaurant reviews as of 2013, but instead will focus on other pieces focusing on restaurants and chefs, wine and spirits, and home cooking. Peter Thriffiley Jr. will be the lone reviewer, as the blog turns five years old. [BlackenedOut]

Inside Chiba [Photo: Nikki Mayeux]


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