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Notes From Emeril's Second Annual Boudin & Beer

Emeril's Boudin & Beer festival/fundraiser ? which benefits children's education initiatives like Cafe Reconcile and the culinary program at NOCCA? was crazy packed on Friday night. Seriously, it was a huge turn out and by the end of the night, Eater was wondering just how much boudin a human being can sample without having to spend the entire weekend in a sausage coma.

Here are some hangover observations, but trust us, they're pretty hazy. So if you have any favorite moments you'd like to add, send us a tip or drop them in the comments.

1.) Michael Gulotta of Restaurant August won the people's choice award with a blood boudin with brägele tarte, cured egg yolk, and pork and apple jus, though Brian Landry's (of Borgne) empanada seemed to be the most talked about among the crowd.

2.) Tasty highlights included Philip Lopez' CBD dog, Charleston chef/Fig's Mike Lata's white boudin on creamy sweet potato puree with chanterelles, Justin Devillier's seafood and squid ink boudin noir that left your tongue black (Ozzy-tastic), and Susan Spicer's peppers stuffed with nutria boudin and seafood boudin inside spring rolls. Tariq Hannah served served popcorn gelato with macaroons and caramel corn from the Sucre Truck.

3.) When Feufollet stopped, the 610 Stompers busted out their Let's Go Crazy Prince dance. After that, a lot of them were all over the Nat Sherman cigar tent.

4.) Tales of the Cocktail's Ann Tuennerman suggested trying Hotel Monteleone bartender Michael Glassberg's bourbon-based cocktail with sage garnish. There were a lot of amazing cocktails, but the bourbon station definitely had the best.

5.)The Toilet-truck that was kind of hidden from view behind the Nat Sherman cigar tent had a line of men all night, but no really line for women. However, the line for the women's bathroom wrapped around the inside of the Foundry at one point.

6.) Mario Batali wore a fez, and was surrounded by bellydancers and hoards of fans all night. He looked rather, erm intoxicated glowingly red, but then again, who didn't by the end of the night? Eater spotted quite a few chefs smoking cigarettes. Stressed, anyone?

7.) Chef Matt Murphy of Irish House and Chef Jack Reuting of Rouses claimed their table was "having the most fun" and from the looks/taste of the ice cream and Chambord float with a mini cotton candy garnish and accompanying funnel cake, Eater would say, yes, yes they were.

8.) The ever gracious Emeril takes so many photos and shakes so many hands, Eater wonders if he is able to actually try any of the Boudin at his event.

9.) Guests were given little pig-shaped cutting boards upon departing

10.) There was an after-party at Cochon, complete with an ice luge and a river of bourbon. Also, there was a unicorn mannequin (Stephen Stryjewski and Ryan Prewitt adorned airbrushed unicorn shirts at the fest. Way to razzle dazzle 'em, boys.)

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