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Help for Hostess Employees; New Barcadia Details

METAIRIE? Hostess employees of Louisiana? there are over 400 of them actually? can attend job counseling sessions offered by the Louisiana Workforce Commission next week in Metairie, Houma, and Hammond. The company famous for its Twinkies and Wonder Bread revealed it was going out of business the week before Thanksgiving. []

WAREHOUSE DISTRICT? More details have emerged about the new skee ball gigantor Barcadia going in across from W.I.N.O. including that Baton Rouge food truck Curbside's chef Nick Hufft has been brought in to create the menu. [JustOffTheRedStreetCarLine]

ATLANTA? You've probably heard by now, Blackened Out reminds the Who Dat Nation that last night Atlanta airport workers threw eggs at the Saints team bus. Ain't no egg toss, dirty birds. It's time to get crunk, and make sure to check out Eater's Saints Bar Heatmap for the best places to do just that. [BlackenedOut, EaterWire]

On the Saints Bar Heatmap, Capdeville [Photo: Facebook]