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Drink This Cocktail Now: Brad Smith's Elisabeth Swizzle

It's Cocktail Week here at Eater, and we've got the hook up on what cocktails you should absolutely be drinking right now and all through the holiday season. Here, photographer Nikki Mayeux captures some of New Orleans' best bartenders making libations that demand you Drink This Cocktail Now.

If you haven't made it to Maurepas Foods and sampled a cocktail from Eater's Bartender of the Year Brad Smith, you are missing out on some serious libations. Brad Smith's must try cocktail is an Elisabeth Swizzle, with notes of Zirbenz Stone Alpine Liqueur, Pisco, cucumber, mint and lime. Drink this cocktail now.

Maurepas Foods

3200 Burgundy Street, New Orleans, LA 70117 504.267.0072 Visit Website