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Maple Street's Restaurant Boom; Carmo's Cajulia Cocktail

UPTOWN? Todd A. Price takes a look at the eclectic restaurants along Maple Street this week, including Kakkoii Japanese Bistreaux and Maple Street Patisserie.[]

WAREHOUSE DISTRICT? "The dining feels healthy" at Cafe Carmo, says The Gambit this week, "but that doesn't preclude a menu of unique cocktails, which often draws on the cafe's collection of tropical juices. The Cajulia, for instance, combines cashew fruit juice, lemon and vodka." [Gambit]

WAREHOUSE DISTRICT? A building in the parking garage across from W.I.N.O on Tchoup is apparently slated to become a craft beer/arcade bar (out of Dallas) called Barcadia, from the folks who brought you Club Ampersand. [JustOffTheRedStreetCarLine]

Inside Kakkoii [Photo: Facebook]