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Chef Quan Tran's Upcoming Benefit at Le Foret

Last week, Eater reported that Chef Quan Tran, formerly of Tamarind, is battling stomach cancer and that Chef Dominique Macquet is organizing a benefit to raise money for his family. Well, that benefit will be held on Monday, December 17, at La Foret at 6:00 pm. Macquet tells Eater that Matt Murphy, Brian Landry, and a slew of New Orleans chefs and bartenders, are already signed on for the benefit, and the list is growing.

Tran needs help paying for his chemo treatments, as his insurance lapses on December 1st, at which point he'll be on COBRA, with some rather astronomical medical bills. He's lost about 40lbs since his surgery in spring, and is desperately in need of clothing that fits. Macquet is also accepting Christmas donations for Tran's three children and wife. Tickets to the benefit are $125/person. Call (504) 553-6738 for tix and info.

Eater also mentioned that Tran was projected to move over to Dominique's on Magazine, but Macquet says Tamarind was Tran's restaurant, and that he was hoping to get well enough to stay on there as chef. Eater will keep you updated about Tran's benefit and condition.

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