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Quan Tran is Battling Cancer, Won't Return to Tamarind

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Photo: Amy Jett/Sarah Essex Bradley

This is very sad news, and perhaps explains what is going on with Tamarind a little bit. Chef du Cuisine Quan Tran, who helped open Tamarind with friend and colleague Dominique Macquet in 2010, has apparently been battling stomach cancer since March. Last month, Hotel Modern's creative director James Stuart revealed that Tran was on personal leave, and was stated as hoping for his return to Tamarind, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

According to Macquet, Tran had surgery in April, and also went into a coma for a month and came out of it. He now has five more months of therapy, and in what sounds like a definite departure from the Hotel Modern, the insurance provided through them will end on December 1. Macquet is now planning a benefit at Le Foret to help raise funds to keep Tran on COBRA so he can continue with chemo, as pay his insurance bills. Macquet is also asking for supporters to help Tran's children and family have a nice Christmas this year. Quan Tran was also expected to be Executive Chef at the new Dominique's On Magazine. Eater will keep you updated as we find out more about the benefit, and how you can help.

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