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Ian McNulty Discovers Some Killer Pub Po-Boys

This week, local food medium Ian McNulty took a trip the French Quarter's Erin Rose bar, where, secreted away in the galley kitchen, fine-dining vets Cam Boudreaux and April Bellow are crafting imaginative specialty po-boys that are overstuffed with Moroccan-spiced lamb sausage, horseradish aioli-laced beef, and Hollygrove vegetables. Killer Poboys started last spring, and has since attracted a loyal following, including, writes McNulty, "including staff from nearby restaurants visiting in uniform post-shift and businesswomen in heels picking up lunch orders and maybe succumbing to a midday cider while they wait."

As for the po-boys, McNulty sounds positively smitten, and it's not hard to see why when Killer Poboys' menu offers such exotic choices:

?The sausage is made from lamb seasoned with a shelf's worth of Moroccan spices, griddled into crisp patties and dressed with sumac-scented carrots and tzatziki sauce turned green by heavy use of herbs. Sauteed shrimp are surrounded by pickled vegetables, in the manner of banh mi, and all the po-boys are assembled on light, crackling-crisp banh mi bread. The beef, which is grass-fed product from Two Run Farm, is laced with horseradish aioli and crammed so generously into its loaf that the bread, wetted by its juices, conforms to it like a wrapper. There always is a vegan po-boy with red bean puree, garlicky chimichurri and Hollygrove vegetables.

With the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival just around the corner, anyone who shies away from big crowds but can't resist a creative po-boy might want to drop by Erin Rose and smugly nibble on a po-boy while thinking about all the suckers standing in line on Sunday morning.

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Outside Erin Rose. [Photo: Official Site]

Erin Rose

811 Conti Street New Orleans, LA 70112