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Food Truck Wire

Emp.jpgThe Broad Street Food Truck Festival will be slinging portable food, live music, and a suitably mobile movie, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles this Friday, Nov. 16 starting at 5:30 pm, just in time to jump-start your weekend. Festivities will take place at 300 Broad St., and will include such itinerant food purveyors as Rue Chow, Frencheeze, Grilling Shelling, NOLA Girl Food Truck, Empanada Intifada, NOLA Girl Food, Foodie Call, Slap Yo Mama, and Mamasita's Hot Tamales. The movie starts at 8:30 pm, and the Original Pinettes will play some prefatory music from 7-8. [Times-Pic]