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The Blackened Out Twins Enjoy a Garlic Tasting at Lola's

Earlier this month, Blackened Out taste bud twins Rene Louapre and Peter Thriffiley decided to reprise a recent trip to Spain with a domestic jaunt to Esplanade's prime paella spot, Lola's. Their review in the November issue of Offbeat is mostly complimentary, but Louapre and Thriffiley warned that Lola's liberal use of garlic could definitely ruin date night...or steel a vampire hunter for battle, as the case may be:

The liberal use of garlic across the entire menu would give horrible nightmares toTrue Blood and Twilight fans. It begins with the whipped butter enhanced with raw garlic and smeared across toasted miniature baguettes served as a prelude to the meal. Next comes the thin but flavorful, rust-colored garlic soup. The garlic chicken brings disappointingly tough breast tenders served in a cast iron pan nearly overflowing with garlic-infused olive oil dyed red with paprika. At some point along the way, the flavors from each dish run indistinctly together.

That sort of information is nice to know, especially now that the days have shortened. Remember: if you find yourself being chased by vampires one evening during an ill-advised jog through City Park, drop by Lola's for some talismans to ward off the undead and a big dish of paella.

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Curbside at Lola's. [Photo: Facebook]


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3312 Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70119