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McClure's Barbecue Will Be Le Bon Temps' Neighbor

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 Demolition begins at future McClure's Barbecue
Demolition begins at future McClure's Barbecue
Photo: Facebook/ENOLA

Uptowners, get your bibs ready, because pop-up favorite McClure's Barbecue is moving into a permanent spot at Magazine and Bordeaux. Back in June Eater reported via the rumor-mongers over at Tiger Droppings that McClure's was looking to move into a restaurant at 1510 Carondelet. Wrong. Check out that pic up there. The new restaurant will be located across the street from Le Bon Temps, y'all.

Demolition began this week on what Eater believes was once an animal clinic (full circle and shit?). Word on the street, erm, Facebook is that chef/owner/Dante's Kitchen alum Neil McClure is just DYING to smoke some ribs again, so they might be open by the New Year. That means a lot of you will be singing the barbecue drunky pants song in no time, just like this McClure's Facebook fan: "fuckin right have some pig and walk across the street for oystrrs." That is not a spelling mistake either. One look at this plate of hotness and you'll understand why people are already getting mad dog cray cray.

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McClure's Barbecue

4800 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115