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Looks Like Crowd Control 101 for Oak Street Po-Boy Fest

On November 18th, Oak Street will once again turn into the insanely popular but notoriously clusterfucked Po-Boy Festival. This year the fest is taking some measures to give all the fried swimp connoisseurs out there some much needed breathing room (copy that, jeggings). The 2012 Po-Boy Fest will have:
· Two stages located on side streets in order to open up the foot traffic on Oak
· Abita Beer Garden and eating area sponsored by Parkway, located in the Castellon Pharmacy parking lot.
· Kid's World, sponsored and held at St. Andrew's Episcopal School on the corner of Oak and Carrollton with playtime, foods, and activities for the chirruns
· As with past years, a bike corral will be in the Whitney Bank parking lot.

Also, There's no sign of last year's much bitched about $200 VIP wristband for cutting lines. Yet.

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[Photo: flickr/infrogmation]