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Quarter Parade, Uptown Treats, Algiers' Sweeney Todd

FRENCH QUARTER? Tonight is the Jim Monaghan Halloween Parade, which Ian McNulty reports "has grown into an annual centerpiece of the party in the French Quarter since first rolling in 1995." The parade (and party) starts at the late Monaghan's watering hole, Molly's on the Market, at 6:30p.m. [AfterHours]

UPTOWN? Lots of Halloween Parties reported by Uptown Messenger: A spooky block party is at Cherokee and Hillary Streets, 5:30-7:30p.m. Trick or treating in Central City (Yes, really) with a party at 2110 Fourth Street 5p.m. And the spookily decorated Berger home at State and St. Charles expects 1,200 trick or treaters this year. [UptownMessenger]

ALGIERS POINT? Vine and Dine is doing a Sweeney Todd night. Co-owner/chef Vanessa Thurber is making meat pies, and "if you dare risk going anywhere near there tonight, you'd better be in costume - otherwise the Demon Barber will assume you're just another tourist...ripe for the butchering!" Um, there really is a barber shop attached to the place. Vine and Dine is open 3-9p.m. [Facebook]

Inside Vine and Dine [Photo: Official Website]