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Booty's Opening Delayed, Spooky Drinks, Swamp Fest

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BYWATER? Daiquiri madman/tincture wizard Jeremy Thompson tells Eater that a hood delivered to Booty's was punctured by a forklift, which among other things, will delay the opening of the Bywater's upcoming Stumptown/street food/cocktail spot to November. [EaterWire]

BYWATER/LGD? Need a spooky beverage to usher in the witching hour tonight? Maurepas Foods has a scotch based cocktail called Groovy Lucifer. Or get your Zombie fix at The Saint's Tiki Tuesday night, where you can also do some really scary Karaoke. [EaterWire]

UPTOWN? Audubon Zoo is hosting the Louisiana Swamp Fest this weekend, and Judy Walker reports the fest will feature all things DEEP FRIED from cracklins to Oreos. Here's hoping the fried oyster po boy's pistolette is even deep fried.[]

Maurepas Foods [Photo: flickr/Paul Broussard]

Booty's Street Food

800 Louisa St., New Orleans, LA 70117 504 266 2887

Maurepas Foods

3200 Burgundy Street, New Orleans, LA 70117 504.267.0072 Visit Website