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I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost, Saturn Bar Bathroom Remix

 Paranormal activity or smoke?
Paranormal activity or smoke?
Photo: Facebook

An Eater tipster reports that there is a bathroom ghost at Bywater haunt Saturn Bar. This tipster was waiting to use the men's restroom when a young woman with long dirty blonde hair who was "rather nondescript" asked if she could duck into the men's room when a guy came out. The tipster agreed. He waited patiently at the door as a line grew behind him, but he told everyone there was a girl inside. "Then this kind of drunk guy just cut the entire line, and opened the door and was like, nobody is in here. She wasn't in there. But I had been standing in front of the door the whole time. It was creepy."

Do you have a horrifyingly ghostly New Orleans dining or drinking story? Are there certain places in New Orleans you're sure are haunted, even if nobody else thinks so? Send your story to the tipline or leave a comment and we'll post the best ones tomorrow for Halloween.