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What Are New Orleans' Stone Cold Stunners?

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 Sobou, a potential Stone Cold Stunner?
Sobou, a potential Stone Cold Stunner?
Photo: Nikki Mayeux

Next week marks the Third Annual Eater Awards feting the best chefs, restaurants, and industry talent across the nation, and you, dearest Eater readers, will get to place votes in categories like So Hot Right Now, Restaurant of the Year, and Chef of the Year. But right now, to kick things off, Eater wants to hear about the restaurants that you think should be nominated for the first-ever Stone Cold Stunner award.

This award recognizes excellence in restaurant design. Dining rooms, menus, uniforms, and business cards are all design elements to consider here. And any restaurant can be nominated — old ones, new ones, big ones, small ones, good ones, bad ones, etc. We're trying to find the all-around best-looking restaurant in New Orleans.

Send your nominations for the Stone Cold Stunner Award to the tipline, or just drop them in the comments. And if you want a front row seat for the Eater Awards action, tickets are still available for Eater Eve, the all-star tasting event in New York City the night before the tomato cans are handed out.