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What is the Best Hangover Dish in New Orleans?

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 Clover Grill
Clover Grill
Photo: Nikki Mayeux

If you haven't noticed, Halloween has been in full effect since last weekend, which means its time to get your drank on. But let's talk about what happens after you wake up with that spirit gum stuck to your face, a monstrous headache, and the smell of Jameson still burning the hairs from your need a hangover cure fast. We're not talking Hair of the Dog, but those greasy, buttery, oh-so-bad-for-you dishes that make you feel somewhat human again.

Whether it's the praline bacon at Elizabeth's or a 3-piece spicy w/ biscuit at Popeye's, Eater wants to know: What is the best hangover dish in New Orleans? We'll curate your comments and map them next Wednesday, for reals. So hit the comments, and remember to be safe this weekend (Lars Ulrich is in town. Eek.)