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Let There Be Metal: Siberia Approved for Live Music

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Yesterday City Council voted 8-0 in favor of Siberia getting live music back at their club. The City Planning Commission voted 6-0 for Siberia's request to change zoning in order to do so. A lot of people spoke on Siberia's behalf, including the "Statue of Liberty" (if that's what you call this). However, there are stipulations that come with the decision. There are 14 provisos that the St. Claude metal/indie/bounce/Slavic soul food hotbed must also address, according to the Gambit's Alex Woodward, including:
· installing wooden gates along its alleyways
· limiting signage
· ending music at 2 a.m.
· prohibiting go-cups (um, really?)
· providing 10 off-street parking spots (I can park up in that Tete's?)
· creating a trash abatement program, which owner Daphne Loney says the bar is already doing

Another Bywater venue/Fringe Fest destination, Backyard Ballroom, also went before City Council to request rezoning, but did not fare as well. Despite tons of community support, the CPC called the requested zoning change from a neighborhood business district designation to a general commercial district designation, "too intense."

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