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Cold Drip Takes Its Time, Syrah Love, New Craft Beers

MARIGNY? PJ's Coffee Roastmaster, Felton M. Jones Jr, on making New Orleans' signature cold drip: "It's a long, 18- to 24-hour steeping process. It's a meticulous process... the acidity just goes away. A lot of coffee drinkers come to enjoy cold drip not just because they like it cold versus hot, but because their bodies don't react to it in the same way. People who suffer from acid reflux love cold drip." []

EVERYWHERE? Rene Louapre IV laments his vino-obsession: "I love Syrah. If I had my druthers and the bank account of a star NFL quarterback, I would pretty much only drink wines from the Rhone Valley (with maybe just a bit of Burgundy and Champagne thrown in for good measure). Alas, every man bears a cross and mine is law school loans which keep my druthers in the drawer." [BlackenedOut]

LGD? There are some new craft beers available in New Orleans: Goose Island (from Chicago) has three "Vintage Ales" out: the Sofie, a light colored Belgian farmhouse ale, the Matilda pale ale, and Pere Jacques, which is a really malty and heavy beer that's dark and sweet. Also out now from Clown Shoes Beer, the Miracle IPA and the Supa Hero IPA. All these beers are available at The Avenue Pub. [NOLABeerBitch]

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Avenue Pub

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