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Lucky Rooster Construction Update, Location Exposed

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The Lucky Rooster, 518 Baronne
Projected Opening: Fall, Winter 2012?

The Lucky Rooster, the much anticipated pan-Asian street food joint from Warren Chapoton, Joe Briand, and Chef Neal Swidler, is building the coop, so to speak. These contruction pics were posted on their bloggy blog recently, along with some of Swidler's killer banh mi teaser porn .

Looks like the food is going to rock, but the place still needs a lot of work, with two dumpsters out front and a gutted bathroom that looks like the home of that scary Ringu girl. The place will no doubt be totally rad when finished, but burn some sage, y'all. The location is no longer a mystery, kids: the restaurant appears to be in the former home of Gregory & Pete's near the Civic lofts.

Lucky Rooster

515 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70113 (504) 529-5825