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Uptown Institution, Dunbar's, Plans Move to Gentilly

Former Freret institution/Uptown Creole soul food hotspot, Dunbar's, is moving to Gentilly. Celestine Dunbar tells Gambit that she's bring her family's longtime all-you-can-eat fried chicken, red beans, and cornbread goodness to "another neighborhood that's coming up now."

Dunbar's was located on Freret Street way before it was hip to be, but after suffering horrible flood damage in Katrina, the restaurant moved into Lloyola's law school and worked it food court style. As of this fall, though, Dunbar is focusing her energy on opening up in Gentilly, promising to expand the menu for dinner with elaborate Creole dishes. Renovations should start soon, and the restaurant plans to open in Spring, perhaps by March 2013.

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