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C-Tates Gets His Drank On at Saints and Sinners Opening

Photo: Saints and Sinners Official Site

If you didn't already know that everyone in the Tatum Skinz loving universe got served this week, the very reputable Gossip Center and Just Jared report that C-Tates smacked it up, flipped it, and rubbed it down at the "grand opening" of his sexy sumptuous restaurant on Sunday Monday night. Oh nooooo. Last week's Page Six grand opening rumor was denied by the Saints and Sinners crew, who were probably anticipating a hoard of uninvited Bourbon memaws looking to get their fever blisters on some Magical Mikeness.

Pop Sugar posted party pics yesterday, and from the looks of it, Jason Statham told the Boardwalk Empire dress code to go fug itself. Here are more sexy sumptuous pics of C-Tates on the balcony, talking to his own hand and making the boys laugh at his "say you like my snakeskinz or I'll break your face" belligerence.

C-Tates recently admitted that his restaurant is for male strippers tourists, telling the Times-Pic: "I don't think I'd ever open a bar anywhere else really, because I don't want to try to get people there, but people come to New Orleans with a little bit of money in their pocket and they have one thing they want to do with it -- and that's spend it and party with it and go crazy." Um, that's actually three separate things, dawg, but whatevs.

C-Tates just wants "to help facilitate" the party. But he needs to answer to the hand of fine ladies everywhere because they be seeing "the sexy pictures of the ladies on your page but what about the sexy men? There are enough places in nola for men to go to but not many that cater to women." Oh snap.

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Channing Tatum's Saints and Sinners

627 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 504-528-9307

Saints and Sinners

627 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA