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Of Love and Roaches; Infused Vodka at Atelier Vie

EVERYWHERE?Times-Pic writer Jarvis DeBerry on love and roaches: The "roach-eating man had a girl, a girl who knew that he had eaten bugs. A girl who knew he was going to eat more bugs... If it's been a while since you've had a date, if you're despairing because you don't think you'll ever find that perfect match, take heart. There's a man who ate roaches and still got kisses. There's just gotta be somebody for you." []

CBD? Roseanne Melisi Rostoker, owner/chef of Red Gravy on her first trip to New Orleans: My boyfriend, my partner here in the restaurant, Lou Lombardo, took me here as a birthday present and we fell in love with the city absolutely. We even felt like we'd been here before. The spirit, the smells, the fragrances, the sounds, the whole look all felt very familiar to us." [Gambit]

MID CITY? Atelier Vie Founder Jedd Haas on infused Vodka: "Flavor gets extracted a lot faster due to the higher alcohol content. We took hot red peppers and put half a dozen of them into a bottle of Buck 25. We let that sit for two days, and it turned the color of a single malt. It was spicy enough to have you jumping for some water. [NoDef]

Red Gravy [Photo: Facebook]