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Todd Price Live Tweets King Cake Vodka Tasting

That king cake vodka has been generating a lot of talk on the Twitters, and last night, Times-Pic drinks writer Todd Price did the world a favor by live tweeting his tasting of the stuff. (The Gambit is apparently following suit at 1:30 today.) And he did it like a proper tasting, analyzing the color, nose and flavor. (He is a drinks writer, after all.) Here's Price on the color:

@Frolic: Color: #kingcakevodka clear. Fair enough. It's vodka. Although a magic purple, green and gold liquor would rock.

And how's it smell?

@Frolic: Nose (1 of 2): Sweet. A hardcore sweetness that whacks the nose from a foot away. Which I suppose is only appropriate for a #kingcakevodka.

@Frolic: Nose (2 of 2): 1st whiff eerily like icing: sweet, slightly greasy, almond hint. Then sharper and more artificial, like almond extract.

@Frolic: And it's not like almond extract isn't common in king cakes, so also appropriate for #kingcakevodka.

And finally the most important bit, the taste:
@Frolic: Taste (1 of ?): I'll be damned if it doesn't have a cake like taste. A little less sweet than the nose. A bit hot as well. #kingcakevodka

@Frolic: Taste (2 of ?): There is almost an icing like creaminess on the taste. Odd.

@Frolic: Taste (3 of ?): Something on the finish. Trying to be cinnamon filling? Tastes more like mocha to me. #kindcakevodka

@Frolic: Taste (4 of ?): Pretty clean on the finish. Lingering mocha/cinnamon. #kingcakevodka

His overall verdict is in the screengrab above. Basically, if you like stuff like this, you'll like this.

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