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Wall Street Journal Thinks LSU Fans Are a Buncha Drunks

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Ben Cohen in today's Wall Street Journal seems to be impressed with the amount of drinking LSU fans are capable of. This is one hell of a lede:

This weekend, thousands of Louisiana State fans will swarm New Orleans to watch the Tigers take on Alabama in Monday's BCS Championship game. But before, during and after the contest, these celebrants will gather in the French Quarter to engage in the one activity they're better at than perhaps any other group of football fans: drinking.

And what evidence supports this? The epic tailgates with "full bars?with some stations serving as many as 200 guests." Also, the impending partnership between LSU and Tin Roof Brewing. And apparently a Honey Badger is a drink, using Tin Roof's Bandit Blonde with a shot of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey dropped in it. It's so named because of LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu, who "takes what he wants."

But the strongest evidence to support the claim that LSU's drinking culture is unrivaled is this: LSU's game at West Virginia, one of the few schools to serve beer in their stadium, accounted for 23% of the school's alcohol sales for the year. It's gonna be a wild weekend.

· You Can't Spell Lush Without L-S-U [WSJ]

[Photo: LSU Football Freak]