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Brett Anderson Hits the Irish Channel for Po' Boys

Original Photos: yelp / Kevin B. and yelp / Annemarie F.<

Everyone's favorite Times-Pic restaurant critic, Brett Anderson, is still making his way around town to find the best roast beef po' boys, and this week he hit the Irish Channel to compare Parasol's and Tracey's.

The two kinda-grimy bars on Third Street are famous for their St Patrick's Day block parties and their roast beef, and Tracey's is owned by a former manager of Parasol's, Jeffrey Carreras. When the old Parasol's owners sold the bar to a couple from Florida, Carreras opened Tracey's down the street and took the recipe for the famed roast beef po' boy with him.

Despite that, Anderson found the Tracey's po' boy to fall "way short of Tracey’s website’s claim of being the best 'on Earth,'" writing that it "resembled what would happen if a courier delivered a roast beef po-boy to your house after carrying it several blocks under his arm, like a book." Meanwhile, the one at Parasol's "was a masterpiece by comparison."

All that leads Anderson to conclude that "in the neighborhood battle for roast beef po-boy dominance, Parasol’s comes out on top by living up to its legend."

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