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Watch Emeril Lagasse Talk About Sports and Seafood

Nice of ESPN to explain Emeril's catch phrases.
Nice of ESPN to explain Emeril's catch phrases.

Sir Bams-a-lot himself, Emeril Lagasse, paid a visit to ESPN's surprisingly serious looking kitchen in Bristol, Connecticut to shill for the BP's ongoing Gulf Seafood & Tourism Bash. In his words, he was "just getting the word out to all these football fans that you know what? The beaches are great, the seafood's great, the city's great and you're great."

While the article attached to the video quotes him talking about fishing ("I'm an avid fisherman. I'm not some knockoff"), in the video itself he mostly talks about this week in New Orleans sports and all of the athletes with food-related names, like Coco Crisp and Jerry Rice. He also made a gumbo.

Video: Emeril Lagasse Talks Gulf

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