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Man Draws Gun in Whole Foods Parking Lot

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Is parking lot rage the inevitable offshoot of road rage? Or is the Whole Foods parking lot just this bad? The Uptown Messenger reports that a man drew a gun on another man in the parking lot of the Arabella Station Whole Foods because he "was very angry about his parking job, accusing him of parking over the yellow line marking his space." The pistol-wielder also reportedly kept his gun hidden in a Crown Royal bag inside his pick-up truck.

Lauren Laborde in the Gambit's blog makes the Curb Your Enthusiasm connection, referencing the episode where Larry David rails on a guy for "pig parking." But, as Laborde writes, "Pig Parking is frustrating, as it results in a contagion of Pig Parks, but it doesn't merit threatening to shoot someone. This may be the first time fictional Larry David handled a situation in a more civilized manner than someone else."

Police are still looking for the guy, who is presumably continuing his noble crusade of using the threat of gun violence to force people to park well, control their kids in crowded dining rooms and chew with their mouths shut.

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