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Watch the Commercial for Tropical Isle's New 'Skinny' Hand Grenade

Do you love the Hand Grenade, the syrup-y sweet drink from Bourbon Street's Tropical Isle, but hate the inevitable muffin top that comes from drinking two a day? Luckily for you, they're now offering a Skinny Hand Grenade, with the "same great taste, with less calories and less sugar."

The French Quarter booze palace started offering the diet version of the drink sometime at the end of last year, and yeah, there's a commercial for it. It's delightfully low budget and has everything anyone could want from a Tropical Isle commercial: voice-overs by the owners and "inventors" of the Hand Grenade, grainy footage of drunk people in the Quarter, and awesome video effects. Just watch when, with the genius of computer editing, they take the Hand Grenade mascot guy and literally make him skinnier.

Kudos to t-shirt and accessories maker Fleurty Girl, who saw this and posted a screenshot via the Twitters.

Video: Tropical Isle Skinny Hand Grenade

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