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NOPD Looking for Krystal Burger Teabagger, Deadspin Tracking Him Down

The NOPD is looking for a 'person of interest' in the teabagging that happened at the Bourbon Street Krystal Burger after last week's BCS National Championship Game. According to WWL, "The police news release says they're looking for a white male, approximately 5’7 to 5’11 , medium build, unshaven facial hair, wearing a University of Alabama jacket and white shirt." So assuming the dude has neither changed, nor shaved, nor left the city, they might actually be able to find him. All of which might be problematic because, you know, people tend not to stay in the same clothes for several weeks, especially after committing sexual battery.

Meanwhile, Deadspin is doing a hell of a lot of legwork on this and has a pretty good lead on who the dude is. They're leaving out his last name for now, but they've "left a message with the New Orleans police" and are continuing to try to hunt him down. They also note that, "By the way, we've gotten emails indicating that the victim is indeed alive."

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Krystal Burger

116 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA