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'Bama Fans Abused and Teabagged an Unconscious LSU Fan at Krystal Burger

There are no words to express how disgusting this is. It's a (very much NSFW) video of a bunch of Alabama fans abusing and teabagging an LSU fan who passed out inside the Bourbon Street Krystal Burger after last Monday's BCS National Championship Game. It was originally posted on the BamaSportsForum's Youtube channel; it has since been taken down but Deadspin reposted before that happened. As Deadspin's Timothy Burke puts it:

Those of us un/fortunate enough to have visited the Krystal restaurant at the mouth of Bourbon Street in New Orleans know it's a place where the occasionally odd, bizarre, or criminal events take place. We don't know which of these this incident is, if not all three. That's especially given that some people are claiming the victim in this is now dead, making the "This guy's life is over" line uttered in the video creepy.
Yeah, horrifying. So two things: First, how did the teabagger not get thrown out of the resto (or, um, arrested) for having his balls hanging out of his pants and abusing an unconscious man with them? And two, it's just sports, guys, tone it down a notch.

The Gambit has more commentary on this piece of ugliness.

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Krystal Burger

116 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA