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Ian McNulty on Aaron Burgau's Tr?Burger

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When Aaron Burgau, chef at Patois, opened the casual, Shake Shack-inspired Tr?Burger with Pierre and Leon Touzet, they made one major mistake: They messed up their name on their Facebook page, writing it "Tru Burger" instead of Tr?Burger. That's a mistake that Mark Zuckerburg & Co. make extremely difficult (nay, impossible) to fix and that has led publications (including Eater NOLA) to regularly misspell the name. But however it's supposed to be written, Ian McNulty at Gambit is a fan:

Tru Burger has just enough style to feel hip and a basic menu that could have been written 50 years ago, at least at first glance. It offers burgers, hot dogs, fries, chili, shakes and a few other tricks thrown in (the jalapeno poppers are as good as cheese-stuffed fried peppers have any right to be). This is fast food, slowed down a notch to replace corporate mechanization and standardization with today's old-is-new aesthetic for good, simple, quality food.
The end result is a place that, "On paper ... looks like it could be franchised anywhere" but that succeeds in providing burgers with "a high degree of lusciousness for their slim profile."

Meanwhile, in the Blackened Out blog Peter Thriffiley, Jr reviews the decidedly-not-artisanal pizza at Mo's Pizza all the way out in Westwego, giving it a Birdie on their patented, golf-inspired rating scale. Mo's is "[h]oused in what looks like (and basically is) a warehouse on an indiscreet side street in Westwego," serving pizza that is "delicious" with portions that are "laughably large."

Update: This post originally used the incorrect diacritic "ü" instead of the "?" in the name Tr?Burger.

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[Photo: yelp / Raphael R.]


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