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Ginger Lime is a New Japanese Restaurant in the Quarter


With credit to The Red Streetcar on Twitter, who spotted it first, Ginger Lime is a new Japanese restaurant now open at the corner of Decatur and Iberville. That location that has been a series of generic Quarter bars, including one called Lounge Lizards.

The menu (not available online) is pretty expansive, including soups, sushi and sashimi, among other standard Japanese dishes, with a number of lunch specials. The focus of the menu seems to be their special rolls, many of which carry borderline silly New Orleans-themed names. Like: The Who Dat (shrimp tempura, cucumber, tuna, salmon, avocado), The Saints (fried oyster, mango, tabiko, asparagus, avocado) and The Hurricane (albacore, jalapeño, cilantro, white tuna). Entrees run in the $10-$15 range, lunch specials $9-&13, and the special rolls $9-$15. They deliver with a minimum $15 order.

Their hours are Sunday to Friday, 11AM-10PM, Saturday 11AM-midnight. Phone number is (504) 525-7455.

· @TheRedStreetcar [Twitter]

Ginger Lime Sushi

200 Decatur Streeet, New Orleans, LA 70130 504 525 7455

Ginger Lime

200 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA