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Offbeat Goes to East Buffet; The Irish House's Soft Opening

Not much going in terms of reviews this week, what with the quiet week after Decadence Labor Day. Jenny Sklar, she of the Hungry Heretic, writes this week in Offbeat Magazine about a trip to East Buffet in Metairie that didn't suck. Formerly wary of such "pan-Asian" buffets, East Buffet generally impressed her with its 9 distinct buffet stations:

Their Chinese food definitely kicks Panda Express’ butt, and their seafood is damn good. ... Though the seafood at Deanie’s or Drago’s may be better quality, this is a great option for people on a budget with a hankering for shellfish.
In other words, it'll do in a pinch. The only caveat with East Buffet is the same you'll find with any all-you-can-eatery: "Expect to feel fat after you visit this lovely Buffet." [Offbeat]

Also this week, The Gambit reviewed Bayou Hot Wings, a new joint way uptown hoping to capitalize on the core market for any good wingery, college kids and football fans. "This is a small wing shop essentially serving handmade fast food with enough unique touches and endearing character to stand apart." [Gambit]

Haute Plates' Robert Peyton went to The Irish House to see how they're looking for the grand opening September 17: "Murphy feels there is a strong connection between New Orleans and Ireland, and he's doing his part to foster it. He plans on having Irish musicians perform from time to time, and he said that the large bar area upstairs will be perfect to host one of the five or six Irish folk dance (Ceili) groups in town." Oh, and there's food, too, which Peyton says was all quite good. [Haute Plates]

East Buffet [Photo: urbanspoon / epb5]

East Buffet

2750 Severn Ave, Metairie, LA