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Vacherie Restaurant Opens in Hotel Ste Marie

This is a place, and it's now open: Vacherie Restaurant in the Hotel Ste Marie. Not be confused with the restaurant Ste Marie on Poydras, this is the latest of the not-just-for-tourists restaurants to open in the French Quarter. The cuisine is generally Louisianian, with particular influence coming from the German Coast?Vacherie is the hometown of executive chef and partner Jarred Zeringue, about an hour upriver of here in St James Parish?meaning an awesome mix of Cajun, Creole, German, African, Aleutian ... ok, not Aleutian, but all of the others.

Zeringue is also chef and partner at EAT. The other partners in Vacherie are Doug Hary from Between the Bread and David Abner Smith from Cafe at the Square.

For now Vacherie is serving breakfast from 7-11am and dinner from 6-10pm, with brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 7am-2pm. And they have an attached cafe bit that does coffee, pastries and the like all day long. [EaterWire]

· Vacherie Restaurant [Official Site]

Vacherie Restaurant

827 Toulous St, New Orleans, LA