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Chef John Besh Flies F-15, Admires "Fighter Jocks"

BeshMilitary.jpgLeft, John Besh in Kuwait during Desert Storm. Right, John Besh in an F-15 in Belle Chasse, LA, September 2011. Click to enlarge.

This is cooler than cool: Earlier this month, chef and empire builder, John Besh, got to fly around in one of the F-15s stationed down in Belle Chasse with the Louisiana Air National Guard. Besh (you might recall) used to be in the Marines, joining the Reserves after high school and serving in Operation Desert Storm. His dad flew F-100s and F-101s in the Air Force and served as an instructor to other pilots, with the younger Besh growing up "idolizing these fighter jocks."

Besh came onto the radar (heh heh) of the 159th Fighter Wing through his charitable work with Marine Corps vets' group. Up in the air, they let him do some aileron rolls and break the speed of sound.

So yeah, coolest thing ever? Probably.

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