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Man Eating at Each & Every New Orleans Restaurant

That guy who's trying to eat his way across the city of New Orleans?every single restaurant?is almost done. According to Offbeat, the only restaurant he hasn't eaten at yet is Besh Steakhouse. Given the craziness of this feat (every restaurant??) this is kind of a big deal. So next month there will be a big honkin' hullabaloo at the St Charles Hilton, catered by Besh Steakhouse, with music by Rebirth. Pretty cool, but does having an event catered by a restaurant count as eating there? Perhaps that's a bit nit-picky, but really: Does it?

And while we're at it: Has he eaten at the newest restaurants to open? What about tomorrow when Merchant opens? Will he eat there? So many questions!

We won't gripe too much, though, because the guy, Ray Cannata, is using the proceeds from the meal to keep on building houses. And they're making a film about his noble endeavor, with the proceeds from that going to the same. Offbeat has the deets on the event, along with a pretty cool teaser of the documentary they're working on, complete with great music and gratuitous Katrina images. Cannata's best line from the video:

I fell in love with the culture here, and it became very clear to me that everything about this culture was tied in somehow to food. And to understand New Orleans you had to really understand eating. And it's more than just the particulars of the cuisine, it's more the whole experience.

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