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Cocktail Museum Moving, Too; Stormin' Sazeracs

RIVERWALK? Hot on the heels of the news that the Southern Food and Beverage Museum is moving to Central City, the Museum of the American Cocktail has to look for a new home as well. The cocktail museum is currently housed within the food museum, and hopes to continue that "marriage." [TP]

CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT? The Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel is holding its annual celebration of the first time women were allowed in the bar. It's this Friday, with a female-only lunch at 1, then both men and women get discounted sazeracs starting at 4. []

UPTOWN? Uptown college bar, TJ Quills, was weighed, was measured, and was found wanting (sort of). The bar was declared to be "guilty of maintaining a nuisance by selling to people under 21," then fined and given a handful of restrictions. [UM]