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Best Places for Not-Homemade Jambalaya?

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Peter Thriffley, Jr of Blackened Out asks a question of the highest importance for those of us in New Orleans. Basically, where the hell do you get good jambalaya? Answers that are off-limits include: "My kitchen, duh," and "My mom's kitchen, duh," and "My buddy's kitchen, duh," and other related responses.

Jambalaya is technically not indigenous to New Orleans (it hails from Acadiana). And while it's popular here, people tend to just make it at home. Leading Thriffley to say:

But while I have little difficulty recommending where to find a good roast beef po-boy, cub of gumbo, or a dozen oysters on the half shell, I'll be damned if I don't draw a blank nearly every time someone asks me where they can get a worthwhile plate of jambalaya in New Orleans.
He pegs the jambalaya from Crescent Pie & Sausage Co. as some of the best but draws a blank beyond that. As this is a question of life and death and regional identity?only slight exaggeration there, of course?and because we're totally drawing a blank, too, it'll be interesting to see what other folks come up with.

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[Photo: flickr / ~MVI~]